Contently is a content marketing technology platform. I rewrote their product and UX copy to better explain—in plain English, without the meaningless jargon that often plagues marketing and startup websites—the three core pillars of their business:

  1. Create high-quality content (by matching brands with creative freelance talent)

  2. Connect with brands’ ideal audiences via social media, email, CRM software, and more

  3. Optimize brands’ content marketing with a customizable analytics platform

As Contently’s go-to copywriter, I was tasked with this product and UX copy rewrite, which required me to also liaise between editorial and product, marketing, and design teams.

I wrote Contently's events marketing copy. Here is a Storify I created from Contently's 2016 West Coast Summit. Here is a Storify from their 2016 Fall Summit; below is the website copy I wrote for that event.

I wrote an interactive infographic, "The Future of Media and Marketing Is Video," in conjunction with Ceros. Screenshots are below.

I ran all of Contently's social media accounts, increasing their number of Facebook fans by 6x, LinkedIn followers by 4.5x, and Twitter followers by 1.5x. Here's a taste of my work.